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Family Doctors - Physiotherapy Clinic in Zirakpur Vip Road

Expert in the Family Doctor Clinic are highly skilled and have great knowledge about both Physiotherapy and manual therapy. Family Doctors Physiotherapy Clinic provides specialized care to people suffering from body pains and various physiological disorders like Arthritis, Slip Disc, Muscular Pain, Neck Pain, Paralysis, Back Pain, Joint Pain, Frozen Shoulder, Shoulder Injury etc. Our physiotherapists in Zirakpur Vip Road diagnose physical disorders, body malfunctioning, pain caused due to trauma or diseases etc. using physical agents like mobilization methods, exercises, mechanical & electrotherapy, and manipulations. Electro diagnostic testing and laboratory imaging studies are done to have a holistic approach to the diagnosis and to prevent the further occurrence of the ailments.

Rehabilitation is about health and functioning in everyday life, and Physiotherapists are rehabilitation professionals that develop, maintain and restore people’s maximum movement and functional ability. They can help people at any stage of life, when movement and function are affected by ageing, injury, diseases, disorders, conditions or environmental factors. He takes a progressive approach to the treatment of pain by assessing your issues, looking beyond your problem and developing a plan of action. Not only do he love to treat short term problems, he specialized in complex and chronic pain too.

Unhealthy lifestyle behaviors are primary contributors to the prevalence of lifestyle- related conditions, To manage a patient as a whole with an holistic approach makes it essential for physiotherapists to have the basic knowledge about the role of nutrition in these lifestyle conditions, as well as understand the effects of a successful behaviour change.


Dr. Priyanka Arora

She wasn't just born a girl, she was born a best friend. The modern woman personified, she is a Physical Therapist by profession and thus an occupational advocate of fitness. If you 'choose' to be happy, love a good sale and a quiet cup of hot sugar-free tea, you're her best friend. Always on the hunt for the next Instagrammable spot.

Dr. Vishal

He was the Man of the house when Family Doctors first began. He is best known for his respect for women, his shameless love for food and can be spotted at spontaneous random adventures that the city has to offer.

Dr. Pallavi Bansal

Born to a hardworking surgeon father and a multi-talented dentist mother, she's the VP of content and Marketing Manager besides being a full time Mommy to two, a dentist professionally, an Artist at heart and a workohilic by choice. You might find her stealing a plant cutting, always involved in a DIY project and always a plan up her sleeve.