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Dr. Pallavi qualified as a dentist in 2009 and completed her post graduation in 2013. Her area of specialization in Prosthodontics including Cosmetic Dentistry and Oral Implantology. During her post graduate years, she underwent extensive training in all aspects of allied dentistry. Since then, she has amassed a vast clinical experience in rendering general and specialized dental care, offering painless, professional, yet affordable solutions through advanced dentistry.

We also have an expert panel of dentists specialized in their respective fields to offer you the best dental care in Zirakpur available today.


dentist in zirakpur


When a part of tooth structure is lost due to decay, injury or wear, you will be advised to have a dental filling on it.

dentist in zirakpur


A missing tooth can severely impact your overall health by not only affecting your smile and chewing ability,

root canals - dentist in zirakpur


Every tooth has a nerve (pulp) in its centre that runs along its length all the way to the tip of the root.

teeth whitening - dentist in zirakpur


Discolouration of teeth is often a natural occurrence, although food and drink consumption undoubtedly play a part.

dental bridges - dentist in zirakpur


A dental bridge is a custom-made, fixed replacement for one or more missing teeth.



Preventive Dentistry involves the prevention of oral diseases and the promotion of good oral health habits.


Children acclimatize to the dental surroundings easily when they visit from an early age and minimize the development of dental anxiety.



Dentures are removable prosthesis that can be used to replace some or all missing teeth.

whitening - dentist in zirakpur


Your gums are really important as they keep your teeth in their place. Some people live with bleeding gums but choose to ignore it

whitening - dentist in zirakpur


A smile makeover is the art of improving the appearance of a smile by altering the colour, size, shape or alignment of the teeth.

root canals - dentist in zirakpur


Sometimes teeth are lost through injuries, decays or extensive dental treatment done in the past.

dental bridges - dentist in zirakpur


Orthodontics treats malocclusion, a condition in which the teeth are not correctly positioned when the mouth is closed. 


A dental implant acts as an artificial replacement for a tooth root. Once placed in the jaw bone, at the site of missing tooth it enables bone to eventually grow onto its surface,



If one has lost all their teeth or been told they need to have their remaining teeth removed, then it is possible to provide a full set of fixed teeth on multiple implants

whitening - dentist in zirakpur


Implant-retained dentures are a cost-effective way of replacing many missing teeth.

whitening - dentist in zirakpur


Clear Aligners like Invisalign™ are virtually invisible orthodontic treatment that moves teeth using a series of custom-made aligners.

root canals - dentist in zirakpur


Composite resin is a tooth coloured restorative material that sticks to the tooth to create a natural blend.

dental bridges - dentist in zirakpur


A crown may be required for various reasons. A tooth that is weak or damaged or has undergone a root canal treatment, 

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Why Choose Dr. Pallavi Bansal?

She is a graduate and Post-graduate in Dentistry, specialising in Prosthodontics including crown, bridge, dental implants and maxillofacial prosthetics. She is conducting educational courses on a regular basis and refining her skill through continuously educating herself. He team of specialists ensures that you have the best dental care there is available, all under one roof. She is an advocate of an integrated approach and is usually working in alliance with other skin and hair specialists to provide to full facial aesthetics.

We are a go-to centre for pre-nuptial dental makeovers, making you smile your best for your big day.

All general and specialized dental procedures are done here including dental Implants, Fixed and invisible Orthodontics (braces for children and adults), Crowns and Bridges including full mouth rehabilitation, Flexible Dentures, Teeth whitening and other Cosmetic dental corrections. Root canal treatments are our forte. We guarantee a Painless extraction.

Tooth jewellery is also done here.

At Family Doctors, best dentist in Zirakpur, we aim to deliver all aspects of routine and specialized dental care for your entire family. We will explore all options of dental treatment with you and make sure that you receive the best treatment customized to your oral health situation.

We take your feelings seriously and aim to make your experience with us as comfortable as possible. We do not want dental anxiety to be a barrier towards seeking dental treatment, which is why we offer unhurried appointments – if you need more time, please do let one of our team know so we can accommodate accordingly. We are sure to become your “dentist near me or dentist in zirakpur”

Please let your best dentist in Zirakpur know if you clench or grind your teeth, as you may be required to wear a custom mouth guard to protect your teeth from stresses.

You can check with our Testimonials, that what our family says about us. There are some Patient Stories. 

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