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homeopathic clinic in zirakpur

Dr. Vishal Dua - Homeopathic Clinic in Zirakpur

He is an MBBS graduate with a post graduation in Homeopathy from Luton, UK. He is the third generation of homeopaths in his family and we can personally vouch for his skill.

We also have an expert panel of dentists specialized in their respective fields to offer you the best dental care in Zirakpur available today.

You can consult best homeopathic clinic in Zirakpur, So that you can rid of your problems

His expert guidance covers the following disorders



Lifestyle diseases


Musculoskeletal disorders

Musculoskeletal disorders

Depression and other psychological disorders

Gastric problems


Respiratory diseases - Homeopathic clinic in zirakpur

Respiratory diseases

infectious disease - homeopathic clinic in Zirakpur

Infectious diseases

Hormonal disorders Gynaecological problems

Hormonal disorders Gynaecological problems

Skin and hair problems

Skin and hair

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